Wrinkle Reducing Treatment

Wrinkle Reducing Treatment

It’s a testimony to the popularity and efficacy of Botox® that we are all now quite familiar with this injecting procedure. Botox® smooths out lines that have already appeared or prevents lines and wrinkles from forming.

Particularly effective on frown lines, forehead and laughter lines (crow’s feet), Botox® relaxes the facial muscles to lessen movement so that the line can no longer be made. This can also have a lifting effect on the upper eye giving a natural, wide-awake look.

Botox® has been safely used for many years for a wide range of medical conditions in both adults and children and has an array of clinical safety data for cosmentic use.

As an RGN Pamela is qualified to treat you – it’s important to remember that only a medical practitioner can legally administer Botox®, and an initial face to face consultation is required prior to prescribing Botox® use.

At Pamela Fletcher Aesthetics we use only Allergan Botox® so you can rest assured you are receiving the best so you can look your best.

90% of people that have this treatment repeat it, a recommendation in itself!