How Does Profhilo® Work?

Profhilo® is ideal for skin that is showing signs of ageing and is a favourite treatment for facial remodelling and skin laxity.  Profhilo® works in the skin, restoring hydration and having a tightening effect. It delivers multi level remodelling, working not only at the surface but on the deeper layers of tissue underneath the skin.

Profhilo® is an injectable acid treatment. The key to Profhilo®’s success is its unique structure and a balance of scientific properties, including high cohesivity. Profhilo®’s hybrid is complex and allows it to provide a greater benefit than other types of hyaluronic acid, whilst avoiding the disadvantages.

Profhilo® flows freely through the subcutaneous tissue and the dermis in a way that traditional hyaluronic acid filler can not.

What is Profhilo® Treatment?

Profhilo® can be administered in a number of ways. The most common and effective way is the Bio Aesthetic Point (BAP) technique.

With BAP treatment, five areas on each side of your face are injected; the positions may vary slightly depending on your face shape, but they are usually in the lower part of your face. This injection technique reduces pain and the number of treatment sessions required.