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Clinic Nurse
Nurse Practitioner
Independent Nurse Prescriber

We could all do with a little ‘freshening’ now and again. But the idea of ‘cosmetic help’ can be quite overwhelming and confusing with all the products and practitioners out there. Legally, only medical practitioners can administer Botox so it’s important to know who you’re dealing with.

At Pamela Fletcher Aesthetics you can proceed with confidence as Pamela (BACN*) is Harley Street trained and medically qualified to consult and advise as well as perform aesthetic procedures specifically for your individual needs to create a natural looking, younger, softer appearance. Furthermore, you will only ever see Pamela for your treatments, so you will always be assured of the same high standard and consistent results.

Pamela qualified as an RGN in 1992 and worked in Intensive Care, Coronary Care and High Dependence Care in general hospitals in the North of England before founding Face First Cosmetics, now Pamela Fletcher Aesthetics.

Following the 20 year success of her clinic in Darlington, Pamela now also operates from her base in Brighton, bringing her skills and professionalism to the South of England.

 *British Association of Cosmetic Nurses