Lip Enhancement

What Is the Purpose of Lip Enhancement?

Lip filler is used to improve the appearance of the lips for a variety of reasons.

  • Improving thin lip volume and producing plumper, fuller lips are the most popular uses.
  • Improving the vermillion border of the lips, which is flat or poorly defined, and producing a larger, more defined lip shape.
  • Defining and plumping the lips by improving the philtrum ridge between the upper lip and the nose.

A Natural Looking Lip

‘Duck Lips’ can happen when too much filler or unsuitable product has been used. As a medical practitioner, Pamela has detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the face and will work with the natural shape of your lips to add volume and definition, avoiding that over filled look.

Pamela Fletcher Aesthetics uses JUVÉDERM® for lip enhancement, with a typical treatment requiring 0.5 – 2mls depending on the desired result. JUVÉDERM® is safely absorbed by your body over time, and Pamela can advise on your ongoing treatments to maintain your vital, youthful new look.