What is Facial Contouring?

Facial Contouring | Our various contour treatments are tailored to each individual’s facial structure and preferences. We use highlighters and powders to create the illusion of striking facial contours. Our results have inspired many individuals to come to us for the same results.

Our most common areas to treat are:

  • Cheeks – To create the definition to provide a lift and restore the cheekbone prominence.
  • Jaw – To create a strong and more defined jawline.
  • Chin – To create a soften to the jowls and improve a lower face proportion, including correction for side profile appearances.
  • Temple – To restore a smooth contour and balance to the top of the face.
  • Lips – To create that irresistible pout.

Our goal is to achieve the ideal facial structure – sharp cheekbones, a slim jaw and overall balanced facial features.